Nike Mocks Conservatives With Kaepernick Shoe Design

Nike has responded to conservatives protesting their decision to hire Colin Kaepernick for the”Just Do It” campaign by burning their products in the most disgusting way!

The company unveiled their Kaepernick-inspired shoes, which are white with a black flame creeping up the sides and front — a clear attack on conservatives who protested Kaepernick’s involvement with the shoe company.

“We wanted something that perfectly captured Kaepernick’s involvement in social justice, and he certainly lit a fire in that department,” Nike Director of Marketing Joseph Hackett said in an announcement for the new shoes. “Besides, they’re burning our shoes anyway so we might as well set them on fire.”

This “joke” did not sit well with Breitbart, who wrote that “Nike is attacking conservatives openly now.” The company has faced falling sales over the past week as well as the loss of multiple contracts.

Nike has had to lay off employees in the wake of the Kaepernick disaster, but they are now doubling down on their support of the controversial liberal “hero.” Kaepernick became famous when he started to kneel during the National Anthem in protest of our country’s allegedly “racist policies that keep the black man down.”

It’s time for a full boycott of Nike, because things will never change!

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