UPDATE: Nike Fires Colin Kaepernick After Arrest

Colin Kaepernick thought he was slick when he ran onto the field during one of his old team’s games, screaming “black power” with his fist in the air. You know who didn’t think he was slick? The police who yanked him off the field. Nike management also didn’t appreciate his behavior.

Kaepernick faces charges of trespassing after he ran onto the field. While his lawyer bailed him out of jail almost immediately, but no one at Nike was willing to “bail him out.”

After the incident, Nike President Charles Carmichael told MSNBC that they “have no choice but to release Mr. Kaepernick from his contract” because of a release clause that would invalidate the contract if Kaepernick committed a crime.

Since he committed the crime in front of a television audience, there was no need to wait for a conviction. Kaepernick is officially not part of the campaign as of Sunday.

Kaepernick lost out on a $28 million deal just because he couldn’t resist running out on the field during the anthem and making a spectacle of himself.

While liberals are willing to praise him for his un-American behavior, the rest of us aren’t. It’s good to see that Nike finally saw the light and got rid of him.

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