UPDATE: Steelers Player Fired For ‘F*** The Flag’ Remarks

The NFL season has barely “kicked off” but already we have seen massive fines against players who decided to kneel during the National Anthem. But one player, Le’Veon Bell, messed up even bigger than the Dolphins players who disrespected the flag.

In an interview with the local newspaper, Bell said “f*** the flag.” Now, you might say “Context is everything,” but even when context is provided it looks pretty bad for Bell. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

Bell was speaking with one of our reporters earlier when he was asked about the anthem situation. His response was a curt “f*** the flag.”

Pressed on the matter, Bell added that “What matters is the advancement of my people, That flag ain’t s***.”

Bell says he intended the comment to be “off the record” and called the journalist who printed his words “the lowest of the low” and “scum.”

Bell was suspended from the Pittsburgh Steelers following their disastrous tie against Cleveland Sunday. His suspension lasted for two hours until team leadership decided to instead terminate his contract.

“Mr. Bell’s remarks do not represent the Pittsburgh Steelers,” a team spokesperson said Sunday night. “We love the flag and our country. God bless America.”

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