BREAKING: FEC Fines Obama $25,000 For ‘Politically-Charged’ Attacks On Trump

In recent appearances, former President* Barack Obama has really been laying it on thick in his attacks against President Donald Trump.

Obama threw out the usual insults: Trump is racist, his skin is orange, he’s incompetent, he’s completely incapable of stringing a sentence together, he should be impeached. You know the story. We’ve all heard it before. Liberals scream it from the rooftops.

“How can Trump refuse to condemn Nazis,” Obama said at one point. “I mean, he’s hired enough of them in the White House, so he should know firsthand how bad they are.”

Obama’s remarks violate 42 CFR 50.306, a law that prohibits former Presidents from directly attacking the current sitting President. This is why you didn’t see either President Bush directly attacking Presidents Clinton and Obama. They were following the law, which carries a penalty of $25,000 for the first offense. It doubles after each offense.

“These politically charged attacks are unacceptable and Mr. Obama has paid the price,” FEC spokeswoman Lana Lang said Monday.

Obama was charged with one offense under the law, though election officials could have charged him with three offenses had they chosen to.

This is the first time a former President has been forced to pay a fine for violating the law because President Obama has been the first who truly did not care about the law of the land.

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