BREAKING: NFL Will No Longer Televise National Anthem ‘Just In Case’

The football season is about to “kick off.” While you might see your favorite teams play this year (if you’re one of the few still watching football), but there’s one thing you won’t see — any displays of patriotism.

Even though the league has decided to fine players for kneeling during the National Anthem and teams for allowing them to kneel, NFL commissioner Roger Goodall says he doesn’t want to “take any risks.”

President Trump has mentioned numerous times revoking the NFL’s tax exemptions if players are allowed to throw their middle fingers in America’s face and the league listened, taking steps to ensure that football returned to its patriotic roots. But the league has elected to air commercials during the National Anthem this year instead.

“We reached a deal with President Trump earlier this year and we want to take every step we can to avoid anti-American displays just in case,” Goodall told NFL Weekly. “We have decided to air commercials instead of the anthem because it is a polarizing issue and we want to get back to what matters: football.”

The NFL has been under fire in recent years for tolerating players — many of whom are black — raising their fists and kneeling during the Anthem because they say America is racist.

But America isn’t racist. America is the best country in the world. And it’s time that liberals recognize it.

Unfortunately, the NFL is now saying that commercials are more important than patriotism, and that’s not at all OK!

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