BREAKING: White House ‘Resistance’ Mole a Fake – NY Times Admits They Were Trolled

Documents obtained from the New York Times through the Citizens Understanding News Taskforce have revealed that the “Resistance” inside the Trump White House has never actually been there. An infamous liberal troll on the Soros payroll orchestrated the whole thing — with a lot of help from a former employee.

Art Tubolls, known for pulling off such great hoaxes as the Hoover Dam closure of 2013 and the Bowling Green Massacre scandal of 2017, is well known for his ability to make right-wing politicians and their followers look exceedingly stupid. Tubolls, working with information he received from Omarrosa’s recordings, has been working his way into the New York Times for months.

According to senior editor John Pragerski:

“We’ve been getting messages from certified email addresses inside the White House gfrom this guy for months. He established himself as a real person by assuming the role of the guy in the corner. He was there in the spotlight, but it never quite shone in his direction. Soon he’ll be choosing his confessions.

We now know who he really is and that we’ve been trolled. All of this isn’t helping. Trump is more popular than ever. It was a poorly-conceived idea that only served to energize his base.”

Trolls are often told that what they do is harmful and ruining America. Still, they find it important to tell stories to loser Democrats who believe them. This case is closed.


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